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Dreams, do not need to use eloquent words to confess, as long as the actual action on the ground, then, our dream will be successful "to build a green dream", when I saw this essay, the soul caused a strong resonance, our Mother Earth, Devastated scars that have been destroyed by humans. People from all walks of life around the world use words to appeal to humanity----calling humanity to protect our homeland and protect our Mother Earth. Flooding, landslides, air pollution, lack of water resources, frequent earthquakes... Looking at the shocking phenomena described in a report, I don��t know if this tearful text awakens human numbness and greed. Selfish and ruthless? But in my heart, it has stirred up a circle of enthusiasm. It has not been calm for a long time. Our Mother Earth is not healthy. Will we have a good life for human beings? When I wrote this article Newport 100S, it happened to be a sandstorm. The weather, looking up, not seeing the blue sky, not seeing the white clouds, not seeing the green mountains, not seeing the blue water, the eyes are just the yellow sand flying soil, everywhere is the various colors of garbage floating in the wind. I called from the bottom of my heart, where did my blue sky with white clouds go? Where did my grassy grassland go? Where did my home in Qingshan and Bishui go? Why do you only hear the wind blowing in the air Marlboro Gold, the earth is swallowing, the river bed is crying? However, my beautiful hometown has become a distant memory. I have disappeared from the green field that I played when I was a child. When I was young, I could hold a sip of green water and springs at any time. I lost the support. The crops of the ancestors have been replaced by the built factories, the residential buildings that have risen from the ground, the polluted rivers, the bare riverbeds, the rubbish everywhere, the desertified grasslands, and the lost land without crops. In the small village of Yun, I sat in front of the computer and thought about it. When I wanted to use my words to describe my beautiful dreams, I wanted to use words to call for human awakening Newport Cigarettes, and the sound of people��s voices came from the window. I looked out the window and saw the Tibetan grandmother on the first floor (the family is in the pastoral area Wholesale Cigarettes, she waited for the grandchildren to go to school in the county) to lead two little grandsons to plant trees in the wind and sand. I wonder why I don't choose a good weather to plant trees. Today's weather is not suitable for going out, let alone the three young and old, I am worried that the wind will blow them away. I went downstairs, the wind was still comfortable, the plastic bags were flying all over the sky, and the bottles were running around. The rubbish was blown over the ground, a scene that was terrible. I asked the grandmother why she thought of planting trees. Every year, I planted vegetables on this land. The old grandmother said: "The saplings were bought in the morning. If you don't carry them today, you are afraid that the saplings will die. Don't look at the plots. There is no turf vegetation. The wind blows, the house is full of dust, and trees are planted around the plot, or Pine trees, or poplar trees, can block the wind and sand. Moreover, in the summer, we can also enjoy the coolness under the trees. It looks good, the dust is few, and the flowers and vegetables are planted in the middle. It must be better. Besides, you can see the weather and the morning. Ok, now it��s a sandstorm, and the weather is very bad.�� ��If everyone has a few trees, there are more trees in the yard, it must be very good, and the dust that blows home will be less than her hand. Depicting his own green dream. Hey... She sighed and looked at the garbage bag piled up next to the trash can. She said helplessly: "You see, this plastic bag is convenient, but it brings too much harm. My family's cattle and sheep are eating plastic bags and they are all dead." I don't need this thing. I go out to buy things and bring my own cloth bags. I have seen my own sewing bags and embroidered on them. a pattern of celebrity features now There are many people who swim, and when they leave, they throw away the rubbish. The original clean grassland is not clean. People always look for clean places to play. It��s a mess, throwing a pile of rubbish, pat The ass went, and the next batch came again, and I was looking for a clean place to play... Listening to what my grandmother said, my eyes were ruined by my ruined hometown. My heart was faintly hurting. Grandma had no rhetoric. She just used My own actions to create my own dreams. Grandma said that the whole community, as long as each family contains three or four, each person uses less disposable garbage bags, our home will become clean and beautiful. I also closed my eyes and painted the green dream of my grandmother. I only saw my hometown, the trees were shaded, clean and fresh, no more dusty concrete, no garbage bags piled up in the ground, everyone bought things. Bring your own cloth bag, the children play in the shade, fish in the creek, the grass on the grassland is as good as the action, instead of calling with pale words, why not take the lead Use practical actions to create dreams. Start with myself. Start with small things around you, use disposable chopsticks, use disposable plastic bags, do not throw garbage anywhere, save a little water, save electricity, save money. A piece of paper, walk more to work, drive less than once..., a little bit into the sea, and a piece of film into the ocean. If everyone keeps the spirit of perseverance in small things, I believe that our home, our Mother Earth, will gradually become On the Sunday of the eyebrows, our family mobilized and bought eight poplar seedlings, eight pine saplings, carefully carried on the open space of the unit, and then scattered the seeds of Gesang flowers around the trees. The children were very Happy, said: "We have planted a green dream, I hope that the saplings grow up with us healthily." There are already several families who have planted the tree of hope after us. I think everyone has a green heart. Dream. I remember singing in a song; "As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world." Similarly, if we all contribute to Mother Earth A little love, the earth will also become a beautiful garden. I believe that in the near future, the earth will regain its vitality, the sky will restore the original blue, the mountains will be covered with verdant green, the river will become clear, the grassland will restore the endless green dear friends, I have already started to act, my family has already started to act, have you acted? Come, let us hold hands, heart and heart, start from the little things around us Cheap Cigarettes, and work together to build a beautiful green dream of the earth tomorrow. I believe that as long as everyone contributes a little love, starting from the bits and pieces of life, we The dream will come true!

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