I came from

I came from accidentally like a dust. Who sees my fragility, where do I come from, where is my love, who is calling me in the next moment [url=http://www.salesmoking.com/]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], although the road is wide, it is difficult to go. I have seen the hardships in this world, I still How many tears that I love [url=http://www.buyusacigarettes.com/]Newport Cigarettes[/url], how old the song will still echo in my ear [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/]Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], please give me some love, don't hurt. It is a crystal clear ocean, a crystal clear lake, a clear river. We have been singing happily until one day you are in danger. I know that you are not a bad person. You just want to give yourself a greedy and convenient machine, so you will easily throw your garbage into the sea. In the lake, in the river, I don��t blame you. I just blame myself for no one, no one, no. People know that we will be your strong backing in the future. Our expression, our shouts tell you that we are very painful, because your hand, our heart is fighting hard to restore the original look, but can not keep up with the rhythm of your living standards. If you don't have love for us, one day the last water is your tears. I am a big tree on the side of the road. At that time, I was blown by the wind and then here for a year, two years, three years... I slowly witnessed the half-city smoke sand becoming the dense forest of today. We give passers-by, pedestrians a shade of rest, give you fresh air under the photosynthesis of the sun [url=http://www.salesmoking.com/]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], give you the meaning in the spring, provide a cool place in the summer, give you a beautiful view in the autumn, give it in the winter Your snow is covered with silver in the sky. However, you have heard that our straight body can be a precious vibrating incense, can be a valuable sculpture, and can be a beautiful house. So you started to run between the government and the merchants. Finally, you found a lot of people using a sharp saw overnight, cutting off our heads and feet again and again, moving them to our factory and sending them to the factory. We are again Once subjected to the analysis of a large saw. Our tears have dried up, our blood has dried up, our shouts have been ignored, but you are proud of your interests, the number of banks has increased, the wallet has become bulging, and it has begun to eat and drink. Our tree heads have been ruined under the scorching sun, and you are looking for someone to take the axe and open us. A dense place turned into a desolate smoke and sand overnight. You use your ruthless return to our love for you. I am the sun, the moon and the stars in the night sky. I am looking forward to missing my loved ones, lovers, friends, silently waiting for another day to repeat. However, one day my eyes were blurred and my eyes kept rubbing, thinking that my eyes had problems. One day, Uncle Sunshine told me that the smoke formed by burning the straw blinded my eyes. From then on, I could no longer see their faces, and they could no longer see my beauty. And when your incineration straw is formed, when the concentration of inhalable particles reaches a certain level, the part of your eyes [url=http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4]Marlboro Gold[/url], nose and throat that contains mucous membranes is more irritating, which may cause cough, chest tightness, and tearing. In severe cases, bronchitis may occur, but Blame our earth brother. You have your world, but love is hurt, hurt our love; you are stunned by the interests, but again and again we use our excuse to evade your sins. Please give me some love, not much more, as long as you can treat it as your first love, a little love, a little pity, a little attention, we will take care of you with the greatest care. Children and grandchildren.
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