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Vital XL So those are five things that you shouldn't do when seeking a penis enlargement pill. Bookmark this list it will help you. Having done that, you will feel highly relieved that any further loss of your hard earned money, precious time and stress is averted.Penis size can be a sensitive issue one thing for sure is that it's usually on most men's mind. Most want to know if their penises shape up to other mens and if their size is ''too small''. Well here's some statistics for you the average size of a fully erect penis is somewhere in the region of 6 to 7 inches in length. If you're not above 6 inches then you're considered ''small''.Extenze promised to enlarge the penis enabling you to have a longer penis more pleasure during sex and without crazy surgeries or visits to the doctor. But do the claims really pan out or do they fall short?

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