Purefit Keto stroke and live longer because nobody funds a study with a drug like niacin that over-the-counter and a drugs are a cost penny you can't make any money I can make any money so just to be clear though if you if you have this lipoprotein a lifestyle diet I'm sure it has some you know has a benefit on your overall health but that is not going to be a it won't protect you from that single there's there's a supplement company I like that has this dramatic poster of the heart in nineteen daggers pointing at the heart of which blood pressure cholesterol blood sugar LDL HDL.
but lipoprotein a is one of those daggers so it won't protect you from that one dagger may you know ameliorate and turn the faucet or slow the faucet from you know seven or ten or twelve of the 19 but homocysteine.
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