The shadow coin Maple story M Mesos

The shadow coin Maplestory M Mesos limit has been upgraded again, with up to 75, 000 shadow MapleStory 2 Mesos saved. Super cool dark show instruments, a total of four updated tools, these four instruments are green quality. The tools purchased in the instrument store are of white quality, the tools exchanged in the shadow coin shop are of

green caliber, and also the tools bought in the mall are of blue quality. Just 1 score can be used for its white quality once, just two scores can be used for the green quality after, and just three scores can be used for its blue quality after.In addition, only piano, guitar, clarinet, expansive harp and timpani are offered in music stores, and

such instruments can be bought with MapleStory 2 Mesos. Prior to the newest version there wasn't any way to acquire different types of tools through zero krypton. There are dark cello, dark oboe, dark dial, three kinds of non-kryptonite in the shadow money shop, and the feeling is full. There are currently just 23 instruments in the

adventure island world.This guide was written by the KMS2 MaplestoryM Mesos priest! Translated by Ristretto + thanks Snowbean for finding him! Cleaned me up ~ Note: Some of these classes might not be available on GMS2 release.First off, what you want to to do when playing this MapleStory 2 game through closed/open beta test is to learn more

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