ProLine Keto These drinks should also be savory. In addition, every day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of plain water. To achieve greater effect, if you wish, you can repeat the diet in a month. But do not resort to this method more than 2 times in six months. And for the general maintenance of the body in good shape it will be enough and 1 time in six months. Fasting is a time of purification of the soul and body, which is necessary for the spiritual, personal and physical improvement of a person. The people observing posts usually rarely get sick, always full of strength and optimism. The proper metabolism occurs in their organisms. What kind of diet should be followed during the post? Regarding fasting many priests say that they should not deny their bodies in the products that they require. But if a person finds moral and physical strength to comply with fasting, it is advisable to exclude from consumption all animal products, including butter, eggs and milk. Also banned sweet pastry, pastries, and sweets. A more benign regime of fasting is the elimination of meat, fish, poultry, but the continued use of dairy food. Not all people easily give up the rejection of the usual meat and dairy foods. If you are not able to switch completely to fast food at once, try to limit the consumption of meat, milk and other prohibited foods. This will also have a beneficial effect. Fasting in quick timing can significantly lose weight. You will begin to feel an incredible lightness in your body; you will feel a noticeable surge of strength and vitality. But for this it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, move a lot, more often be in the fresh air and eat a balanced diet. What can replace meat and milk during fasting? First, you should pay attention to legumes, various cereals, nuts and mushrooms. Try to eat more vegetables, fruits and berries. Also, do not forget to drink a lot of fluids. Natural juices, compotes, fruit drinks compensate for the lack of water in the body. Often it seems to a person that he is hungry, although, in fact, he is overcome with thirst.
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