Thank you for giving MLB 19 Stubs

Thank you for giving MLB 19 Stubs up on your own fans.Because they did not watch the first streams everyone sounds pissed about the sport. The improvements are huge. The rtts changes are huge. Mode streams are afterwards. Know your shit. Though they did nothing mlb the series is just one of the elite in the games have been created. Much

better than ea sports games.The grass textures/graphics need a significant overhaul. They aren't on par with all the graphics of the player versions. Looks really out of place. Fifa and golfing games on the older gen systems have grass that is better .I concur with you about enjoying games and grinding. The MLB The Show 18 grinds were

enjoyable, but it was too much and it encouraged you to perform on rookie difficulty to reach your goals faster, and that is simply not fun. On everything you had for goals with players and having to keep notes. . .too much....the in sport tracker is a really welcome addition. I will take it, if the Moments are similar to Madden solo

struggles, I enjoy its sound. And I love the fact that you get MLB The Show 19 Stubs for sale to play cards before you own them. Video Koogs.I love the concept of moments. I hope rewards are not nerfed. Though 18 had stat lines, at least you know you were grinding towards a card which will make a difference on your group. As someone who had nearly a full

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