FIFA 19: Ronaldo Removed From FIFA 19 cover

FIFA 19 Web App Account EA Sports has decided to remove Cristiano Ronaldo from the FIFA 19 cover by revealing a fresh design for the game.

As of last week all copies of FIFA 19 sold by EA do not depict the five times Balon d’Or winner; but display Kevin De Bruyne Neymar and Paulo Dybala instead. EA announced the news at 10:00 am on the 6th February via Twitter with no intention of what this move means for their professional relationship with Ronaldo.

The reasons behind the removal of the Juventus striker from the game case is unclear at this time however there will still be a face from the Turin club featured in the new advertising.

It is currently unknown whether or not the impending court case and recent rape allegations by Kathryn Mayorga have impacted this decision cheap FIFA 19 Account but many are pointing to EA’s official response to the accusations from October 2018 as a reason to suggest there have been developments in the case to warrant his removal.

This isn't the first time that a successful trio has appeared as cover stars for a FIFA game - of course - with Ryan Giggs Roberto Carlos and Edgar Davids forming the original threesome to promote the game in 2003. Many have since followed including Thierry Henry Fernando Morientes Ronaldinho and others.

The closest EA has come to changing their cover stars was with FIFA 13 when their partnership with the Premier League meant that some Premier League clubs were given their own printable sleeve for fans and a limited amount of stock was released with these covers as default.

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