2018 Houston Texans Preview: Football Outsiders On Houston’s New Secondary

In conjunction with the release of their annual Almanac (which you should most definitely consider buying here) Womens Kevin Johnson Jersey , Football Outsiders graciously offered to answer a handful of questions from any SB Nation NFL site that was interested in posing them.BRB (through Brett Kollmann) took full advantage of that offer, and Tom Gower drew the short straw from FO by getting assigned to us.We submitted five questions that Tom answered.Here’s the first one, along with Tom’s response.What are your thoughts on the revamped Texans’ secondary heading into 2018? Will Tyrann Mathieu and Aaron Colvin help to rescue this unit?That “expected defensive improvement” Tom references in the last line?In their Almanac, Football Outsiders projects the Texans to have the fifth-best defense in the league by DVOA in 2018.That would seem to bode well for the secondary, wouldn’t it?We’ll have another Football Outsiders post or two tomorrow.Three And Out: Sunday Night Football Predictions Both the Houston Texans (1-3) and Dallas Cowboys (2-2) need a win to keep pace in their respective divisions Womens Nick Martin Jersey , setting up perhaps the most hotly anticipated game of the year for Texans fans.What better stage for enthusiastic Houston fans to blast their Dallas hatred than Sunday Night Football!?Let’s see how the BRB staff sees this one playing out...Diehard Chris:Texans 30, Cowboys 24.Mike Bullock:Cowboys 27, Texans 23.BFmf’nD:Cowboys 27, Texans 23.Titan Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and a Huge Fan of the Texans Rangers:Texans 23 Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , Cowboys 20.Capt. Ron:Houston 24, Dallas 9Kenneth L.:Cowboys 20, Texans 17Tim:Texans 31, Cowboys 20.Before last week’s game, I predicted your Houston Texans would be 3-3 after next week.I am nothing if not lazy a despicable Kool-Aid drinker a sucker consistent.The Cowboys are finished.So run Authentic Johnathan Joseph Jersey , curs.You tell ‘em Deshaun Watson’s coming.And DeAndre Hopkins is coming with him.A bit of a mixed bag this week.We’ve all got some emotional scarring from watching Houston’s secondary.If you’re like me, I cringe every time Deshaun Watson drops back, runs, or basically anytime when he’s not just handing the ball off.How do you see the game going Sunday night?Are you gonna be nice and lathered up by game time?Did you sell your game tickets to a Cowboys fan?Do you have your Cris Collinsworth Real Doll ready to go? Hit us up with your predictions in the comments section below, and enjoy your football weekend!
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